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Just about everything about the way the market functions favors insiders and big institutional players because they often have information you and I don’t.

They have almost unlimited resources to track down information that helps them “predict” where a stock is headed next. That might even include “insider information.”

While we all know that it’s illegal to trade on such information, but that alone isn’t enough to stop them from placing bets on it. 

We know it happens — wealthy traders and even celebrities have ended up in prison for using insider information to make boatloads of money in the market.

But it’s more common than you’d think based on the number of traders caught would lead you to believe. That’s because they’re very good at covering their tracks. 

Whenever they have a speculative, high-conviction trade, insiders will usually turn to the options market to hide their tracks. 

If you were confident a stock was going to make a massive move higher or lower, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the leverage options provide while minimizing risk? 

That’s where Kyle Dennis’ latest strategy comes in… with it, Kyle is able to spot these “unusual” trades.

Specifically, Kyle is able to spot large amounts of money flow into “long-shot” options trades. 

On any given day, Kyle can spot 1-4 of these transactions. They might look like absurd bets to regular traders, since they require a massive upside or downside move to pay off at all.

But these aren’t reckless trades. Wall Street firms don’t stay in business by placing random bets… they do so by placing edge trades.

More often than not, they know something no one else does… and that’s their edge. Typically, when they get into these options… they pull out massive winners.

Sure, it’s illegal for them to trade off insider information.

However, there’s nothing illegal or unethical in following insiders and taking advantage of the same trade… just because Kyle spots these bets, he doesn’t know anything about the news… 

… he just knows that a large player is throwing down large sums of money on the trade. 

As you’ll see, it can be extremely lucrative to trade the same options they are. Let me show you… 


YELP & GOLD: What Did Insiders Know? 


On Tuesday, Kyle saw some unusual options activity in Yelp Inc. (YELP).

Shares were trading at around $32 when an insider placed a massive bet that YELP would move higher. 

Kyle spotted over 1,000 calls with strike prices in the $32 – $33 range being purchased. What made the trade especially bold is that they expire this Friday. 

As you probably know, if you buy a call on a stock and shares are trading below the strike price when the option expires it becomes worthless. 

In other words, the insider who bought the calls was extremely confident that YELP would buck the market’s recent trend and move higher immediately. 

Here’s a look at just a piece of that option activity.



This insider put $24,000 down on an “absurd” bet and purchased 399 YELP calls with a strike price of $32.50 expiring Aug. 30…

…and it paid off, big time. Just a few hours later, those calls were up 100%.

Of course, Kyle was seeing all this activity in real-time and alerted his Dollar Ace members. And just like the insider, Kyle and his members were able to make a killing off YELP calls.



And by a killing, I mean he was able to close the trade for a 100% in less than a day!

That’s the advantage that Dollar Ace offersand it can find 1-4 of these types of trades daily.

But that’s not the only winner that Kyle’s strategy spotted.

Kyle also saw some massive bets in Barrick Gold Corporation (GOLD)…  and he was able to lock in 50% in less than 24 hours… 

Keep in mind, Dollar Ace just launched and it’s already proving to be one of the most lucrative options strategies out there.


You Can Take Advantage Of These Trades Too


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