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Remember back a whole week ago when all anyone could talk about was the Fed? Well, this week traders have a new shiny object to focus on: Earnings, earnings, earnings!

The second-quarter earnings season kicked off with big banks Citigroup (C), JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Wells Fargo (WFC) reporting higher quarterly profits, as strength in consumer banking offset shrinking investment banking and trading revenues. In general, though, earnings — and traders’ responses to them — have been lukewarm at best, with the S&P 500 down about 1% so far this week.

And yesterday after the close, Netflix (NFLX) missed on subscribers numbers — big time. You can imagine how kind the Street was to the streaming giant.

It’s hard to say whether the mood will brighten in the coming weeks, as more than 80 S&P 500 companies have lowered guidance for the second quarter.

Earnings season can be a tricky time for traders. Earnings reports are binary events, and even if you can correctly guess whether a company will miss or beat expectations, there is no guarantee a company’s stock will respond in kind.

50/50 odds aren’t good enough for my money — and they shouldn’t be good enough for yours either. I’m all about consistent gains. Ask anyone who follows my Trade of the Day.

In pursuit of consistent gains, I trade the same security every day. You might think that sounds boring, but really, it’s just smart. 

Think about the countless hours you could spend researching company fundamentals in hopes of selecting the ones that are going higher. If you’re lucky, you might pick one or two that make double-digit percentage gains in a year.  

At Daily Profit Machine, we trade SPY, the ETF that tracks the S&P 500, every day. It’s one of the most widely traded funds in the world and its option chains are extremely liquid. This allows us to take advantage of the leverage of options to make some amazingly fast gains.

I’m talking seconds and minutes here, folks, not hours or days.

Check out a few recent tweets from members to see what I mean:

Timothy was able to lock in a double-digit percentage return in just four minutes. Vinnie cashed out with $1,575 after just eight minutes. And Robert booked a 20% gain in less than an hour.

And these were just a sampling from yesterday’s Trade of the Day. My Twitter account is full of comments like this every day.

If you’re thinking about attempting to trade earnings this season, let me make you a proposition…

I recently sat down with a close friend of mine to discuss how I’ve been giving away trades with effortless profit opportunity every single day.

Before you throw money away on binary events like earnings announcements, give me a chance to show you how my strategy could make you richer, quicker.  

America’s #1 Premarket Trader,
Davis Martin

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