What about the sky again, Chicken Little?

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[Guest Post: This post was written by Ben Sturgill, of IPO PayDay. I recently brought Ben in to help our paid-up subscribers. However, this is his first guest post here, I hope you enjoy.]


From US and China trade wars, Impeachment headlines, to Big Tech security breaches, it’s shaping up to be one heck of a close to 2019. 

Around every corner and at every step there seems to be something lurking in the darkness—threatening to take down the world market.

But here we are— pressing up against record highs.




As of November 2019, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA) has risen a YTD of +20.94% the Standard and Poors (SPY) has risen a YTD of +25.37%, and the Nasdaq (QQQ) has risen a YTD of +31.37%.

As we look forward to the holiday season that has always boosted the stock market going into the new year, traders can’t help but wonder what could jump out at them at any moment.  

Is there anything that would cause the stock markets to tumble from the skies faster than a Boeing Max 737?


Economic Overview


Boring sauce.  

The markets are at record highs (yet again).  This is getting boring now.

Here is the economic outlook in 6 (brief) bullet points.  Warning, viewer discretion is advised.

  • Presidential Impeachment 
  • GDP growth slowing.
  • Trade war increasing.
  • Unemployment increasing.
  • Job growth is slowing
  • Oil prices predicted to rise
  • Climate change is real


In a normal, rational, and logical market, those headlines would make any savvy investor run for the door, slamming it shut behind them.  

But not in this 2019 market, not in this FOMO market… these terrifying headlines did nothing to slow down this raging bull.

Let’s take a closer look at what stocks benefited and those that struggled this year in the SP500.  


Top Performers YTD



Bottom Performers YTD



Climate Change


The Federal Reserve is taking into account exactly what to expect from climate change and how it is going to affect the economy.  

From hurricanes on the east coast to massive wildfires on the west coast, the Fed is estimating major impacts on all businesses.  

Congress is being pressed to pass a carbon tax to reduce the dangerous levels of greenhouse gas emissions that are currently polluting the world’s atmosphere.  

Or is it cow farts and ozone depletion?

I can never keep the world-ending climate issues straight anymore.  

How it impacts you


In a nutshell, the best thing to do is to stay focused on your financial well-being, especially during market dips.  

If you are a day trader or just someone getting into the markets for the first time, it is imperative to improve your chart stills and master the basics of trading from the pros.  

All in all, an excellent time to build up your investments and focus on increasing your wealth.



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