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Mondays are almost universally despised. Few relish the transition from the fun and freedom of the weekend back into the grind of the work week.

And no, this guy DOESN’T have a case of the Mondays. Nor does anyone that collected a 37% profit in less than an hour.

I hope you received my Trade of the Day and were along for the ride. If not, you only have a few hours left to start getting my trades at a massive discount. The price will go up at midnight.

I think it’ll pay for itself, and then some, fast… just ask James:

He was able to turn $300 into $2,500 by following my Daily Deposits system.

Many people are under the impression that to make this kind of money day trading they need to be in front of their computer screen all day. Not only is this not feasible for most people with your typical 9-to-5 job, it’s not true.

Roughly 70% of Daily Deposits traders work full time, and many of them make the trades right from their phone. The checks they collect from my Daily Deposits trades are extra income on top of their regular paychecks.

Check out the Daily Deposits trade I sent today:

“With markets relatively flat to start a new week, after some negative manufacturing news (bearish), the exponential moving average line crossover to the downside is a great way to start today’s trading session. As I’m typing, European markets are trading fairly flat (I spend time looking at those charts individually), which to me is a sign to let that crossover come to you.


“Now, as mentioned last week, SPY remains in a trading range of $288 support and $290 resistance. It is looking like we’re going to open within that trading range as of right now. In order to buy into put options via an exponential moving average line crossover, it’s best to let it come to you. The exponential moving average line crossover is my single favorite pattern to apply in fairly flat markets like we’re seeing right now. It makes it easier for the entry to come to you rather than guessing.”

Along with my analysis, I sent traders detailed support and resistance levels and a single option trade that I had selected as the best opportunity of the day.

Today’s trade played out exactly as expected — a perfect move in a choppy market!

Here’s part of the follow-up alert I sent Daily Deposits traders:

“That was quick! Trade was about two minutes. I don’t know about you, but in a news-driven and choppy market, I’ll take that every day. Could even rinse and repeat it off the same tactic if you want to!


“This is why I put a game plan together for you and deliver you the trade early… A profit-taking opportunity presented itself essentially in minutes, and who wouldn’t love that every day? Taking advantage of a choppy market rather than sitting on your hands is certainly possible.”

Traders could have taken profits off the table in a manner of minutes following the exponential moving average crossover I predicted. And those who hung on a bit longer walked away with a 37% profit in less than an hour.

That’s a great way to start the week, but I think it’s only going to get better from here. Specifically, the price action surrounding Wednesday’s FOMC meeting should hand us several massive profit opportunities.

I’m excited. And I hope you’ll be trading by my side starting tomorrow.

Like I said, the price of my service is going to more than double in a few hours. If you’re at all interested in getting my daily trades, don’t hesitate, sign up NOW.

You’ll get your first trade at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow.

America’s #1 Premarket Trader,

Davis Martin

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