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Davis Martin

Davis Martin is a seasoned Day and Swing Trader of both Options and Mid-Large Cap Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds. Davis focuses on isolating one consistently profitable SPY Option trade every day which is alerted in the premarket, as well as swing trading Mid-Large Cap Stocks, Indexes and Options in order to help traders leverage their accounts, while preaching a proven profit/risk balance strategy and applying expert asset allocation while trading for risk management purposes. In order to keep Options trading simple, Davis only applies ‘buy to open’ followed by ‘sell to close’ with both his day and swing trades. There is no hedging and you do not need a large account.

If you are not comfortable trading Options, that is fine, Davis will give you an entry price on the underlying stock. If Davis buys a stock instead of an Option, he’ll explain exactly why, but still provide you with an Option of interest for those who may still be interested in solely the Option.
Davis only trades and makes real time buy and sell alerts via SMS text message and email highly liquid, quality securities. This means that most stocks trade at or above $15 per share and the Options on them trade on high volume. This so that everyone can buy and sell at the exact same prices with no troubles. Trades can be executed from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Davis holds a B.S. in Mathematics with a concentration in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration from Boston College.

See What Davis’
Members Have to Say

Hey Davis,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the guidance and education you offer. I took trading slow the last month to just study your strategies and to study TSLA. Yesterday I decided to throw $500 at it and test the strategies I have been working and I hit a winner for +82%. Then today I decided to test it out again and hit a winner for +243%. So in just two days, I have turned $500 into $3,374.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the valuable lesson and individual attention that you give to every member.

You’re the best options trader I have seen.


Nathan B

Hello Davis,

Let me start by saying THANK YOU. I started trading with you at the end June with a small account dedicated strictly to options. Trading and studying your trades until I was confident was key to success. At first I would only trade a couple of contracts to minimize risk. Your constant assistance, teaching, video lessons and watch lists have kept me growing as a knowledgeable trader. I venture out into my own trades with great success!

Since June, when I joined, I have more than doubled my options portfolio. I am up 114% in those four months. Learning before earning for the first 2 months made ALL the difference to even more success in the second 2 months. This is a realized gain of 114% on my initial investment! I thank you for teaching me consistent strategy, conviction in my trades, how to scout out the right option, and patience. I will continue to learn from you and look forward to making another 114% in the next 2 months!



Heather C.

Hello traders! Let me tell you about my trading successes by following the coaching of Davis Martin. I had been trading a few years and had mixed success before I met Davis. I paid for a series of coaching lessons with another trading subscription service to learn how to trade options. To be honest, I did not learn enough from the lessons with the coach to even think about trading options. I left that trading service. That is where I came to know about Davis Martin. As part of the program Davis gave a live online options overview class that I attended. I learned more in his one class than I learned in the 8 week course I paid $3,000 for! I am completely serious. Davis made options easily understandable. Davis gave other lessons concerning charting and stochastics and I attended those as well. I have learned a lot from Davis. I began trading options on paper using what I was learning from Davis. In a couple months, I felt confident enough to trade options with money. His advice was to start with small positions and I did. I made money the first day and week I traded and continue to make steady gains. Davis completely changed the way I traded. The lessons I have learned, and continue to learn, are very valuable. Thanks to Davis, my charting skills have increased greatly. I have learned to recognize good entries and exits on postions. Davis answers email questions quickly and gives valuable feedback. Davis wants you to be successful and avoid losing money. His passion is passing along the things that made him successful and helping you avoid mistakes in trading. I highly endorse Davis Martin for learning to become a more successful trader.


Tony McGhee

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