The Breakout Trade

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The Breakout Trade is unique to Daily Profit Machine and an icing on the cake, if you will, to the unique-to-Wall-Street Daily Profit Machine Trade of The Day. The Daily Profit Machine Breakout Trade is a call option oriented trade, buying to open call options on a security which is making new highs on high volume. What this means is that the breakout trade itself issued via Daily Profit Machine text and email alert is heading into “uncharted territory.”

In this case applying the Daily Profit Machine breakout trade, we are identifying stocks which are trading higher on high volume with essentially no overhead resistance… This means that the profit potential is essential unlimited, and that’s what Daily Profit Machine is all about.

Breakout trades also tend to pay quickly when they work — many times for +50% to 100% of profit potential in an hour or less applying at the money call options. When you’re trading the breakout trade with Daily Profit Machine, this is what you what. Why? Because Money Loves Speed. In this scenario, after what is ideally a profitable trade, you can rest easy at night all cash knowing that your money in safe in your brokerage account overnight. Let me tell you from experience, making thousands of dollars during the day applying the Daily Profit Machine Trade of The Day and the breakout trade to proceed to rest easy at night with my wife 100% cash is a fantastic feeling.

Let me show you a recent example so that you can understand the power behind the breakout trade. This is a daily chart of CQP, an energy company:

Do you notice how CQP is making higher highs and heading into uncharted territory on increasing volume? Well, look at the green volume bars on the bottom right of the chart. They’re growing, correct? Additionally, the stock itself is heading higher. That is exactly what we want to see. In addition to my unique Trades of The Day, the Breakout Trade is yet another technique which can keep cash flowing!

Now you may be wondering… “Sure, the trade offers tremendous financial rewards, but how do I enter it?” Great question — I’d ask the same one. At Daily Profit Machine I am constantly emphasizing the power of the exponential moving average line crossover to not only the breakout trade, but the Daily Profit Machine Trades of The Day as well.

Let’s take a look at an intraday (during the trading session itself) chart of CQP as an example using a 10 minute time period applicable to the Daily Profit Machine breakout trade and I’ll explain it to you:

In the CPQ chart above, you’ll notice a dip, followed by a white line crossing a yellow line to the upside. That is incorporated into one of three key tactics I use to profit on a regular basis with both the Daily Profit Machine Trade of The Day and the breakout trade itself. It’s referred to as an exponential moving average line crossover. Exponential moving average lines are weighted toward recent price action, and when you’re on a mission to profit on a daily basis upon receiving the Daily Profit Machine text and email alerts, you want recent price action!

Think of it this way — you want your profits like you may want your cars, FAST! In the chart above, you’ll see a dip, followed by the white line crossing the yellow line to the upside (exponential moving average line crossover) and CNQ made a new high of day. Buying to open call options upon the crossover and selling to close those same call options at the new high of day is exactly how you want to trade a unique setup like this. Applying these tactics, Daily Profit Machine is the only options trading service which provides consistently profitable real time trade alerts on trades of this exact nature.

Cashing in upon a new high of day upon a Daily Profit Machine text and email alert enables you to rest easy at night 100% cash, especially considering that much more often that not the Daily Profit Machine Trades of The Day are highly lucrative. For many, heading into an evening or a long weekend 100% cash in the market in a relaxing feeling as it allows for high quality and relaxing time spent with loved ones. In my case, upon moving on from being a struggling personal trainer, this means enjoying quality time with my wife and son… Courtesy of the options market I’ve been able to pay off all of my wife’s student loans, my son’s college fund is worth in excess of $100,000, and our beautiful suburban home in New England has no mortgage.

At the end of the day and especially heading into a weekend, being profitable and 100% cash is an extraordinary feeling which over time as you’re able to apply this proven system, I’m confident you’ll be able to enjoy as I do on a regular basis. Quality time with your loved ones while living a life of financial immunity is something I highly value… Keeping cash flow consistent is part of the mission of Daily Profit Machine applying both the Daily Profit Machine Trades of The Day and the breakout trade, which are just two examples of profitable tactics which could increase your income. Financial immunity is a trait which I believe each and every Daily Profit Machine member deserves to possess.

America’s #1 Premarket Trader,

Davis Martin



  1. Andy Bailey

    Do you stream your portfolio live, and do you use your own real money to trade?

    • Davis Martin

      Yes of course to both questions! I wouldn’t trust someone who doesn’t trade their own real money, or put their money where their mouth is, if you will.

      You can sign up at or email with questions.

      Have a great weekend, Andy!


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