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March 7, 2019.

Here’s what I’ll be watching into the final days of the week…


  1. For the past few days, we’ve seen SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF) trade between $277 support and $280 resistance. Both levels are critical. A break and hold above $280 could lead to new highs for 2019. A break and hold below $277 could lead to a possible short term sell-off. Regardless, I don’t expect either direction to have an impact on my Trades of The Day as they’re designed to profit in green and red markets. It’s a bull or bear… but that’s not all…
  2. U.S. – China Trade Talks: This past Sunday The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. and China were in the “final stages” of trade talks to remove most, if not all tariffs. This sent global markets up quite a bit. In fact, it gave SPY a move above the $280 resistance level I previously mentioned. This positive news was met my a contradictory news item the very next day which caught many of the bulls off guard. Below is a chart of this past Monday’s price action to give you a visual of the move I’m referring to.

As you can see, the bullish news was quickly passed off. To view a brief presentation of trading ranges which may impact markets going forward, you can simply click here.

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