5 Aug

Huge 200% Winner In MARA From My Dark Pool Scanner

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Maybe you’re living under a rock lately and haven’t heard

One of the most exciting trade I’ve taken is MARA where I was able to lock down a 200% winner

And I did this without even having to buy options!

Is your mind blown yet?

Well if it’s not, just wait until you hear this…

In order to find these huge Dark Pool Trades…

I developed custom software to find these trades and send me alerts in real time with the markets.

That’s right…

This is a signal I developed that you can’t even find using Bloomberg or any other 3rd party tool in the market!

So let’s break down this trade and how I found it using my custom software


Dark Pool Profits


Dark Pool Profits is focused on identifying unique and obscured trading activity that is done in one of the most secretive markets.  

This is so secretive that nobody can trade in it without some serious capital and being registered as a hedge fund.

Now we don’t need to worry about secrecy and anaymonty with Dark Pool Profits… Since I monitor these markets and find the trades that stand out as suspicious.  

And once a trade hits the tape it’s considered public information…

Meaning you don’t have to worry about insider trading violations!

So let’s take a closer look at how unusual dark pool trading activity gave away the move in MARA.  


Unusual Dark Pool Trading Activity


Let me explain how this works…

It’s important to remember that Dark Pools come in two different flavors:

  1. A market for insiders or people “in the know” to place trades discreetly without impacting the public markets
  2. A market for hedge funds and large institutions to execute trades on stocks they want to buy aggressively

Now, these are two reasons why monitoring the Dark Pools is so lucrative.  

It boils down to just two main things…

Greedy investors and supply and demand!

Now… let’s take a look at what happened to MARA last week that spiked the stock more than 450%!


MARA – Did Somebody Know Something?


So… I think someone might have known something.

On 7/22 I noticed a huge spike in volume in the Dark Pool markets

It all started with this seemingly random and non threatening alert that triggered.



But what does it mean?

It’s telling me 5 pieces of critical information about this stock on the dark pools.

Let me break it down for you:

  1. Last: MARA is trading at $1.03 at the time of alert
  2. DPVolume%: Dark Pool volumes are surging to more than 211% greater than it’s 20 day average
  3. DPMoney%: Dark Pool money spent is over 200% greater than it’s 20 day average, meaning this volume is real size
  4. TradeCnt: Total trade count on this stock is almost 10k unique trades.  While this doesn’t mean much at first glance, it’s telling me that it’s actively trading and not a small stock giving a false signal.

What did it look like on the charts?

Source: Thinkorswim


To the average trader without monitoring Dark Pools, 7/22 seemed like an average day

Even though the charts don’t show it, it was one of the largest daily volumes for Dark Pools!  

And traders were buying this stock up all week…

Here’s what happened… just check out this insane price action shortly after patent information was publicly announced!


Source: Thinkorswim



And then the Robinhood traders wanted a piece of that action!

“Users holding MARA on Robinhood more than doubled today to make the cryptocurrency stock one of the biggest movers on the platform.”


Source: seekingalpha


So….Why does Dark Pool Volumes matter?

Well this scanner is a custom development that scans and highlights single trades that are usual and unusual compared to historical trading records.

I mean… why would traders target a random stock with that much money, anyways?

I would guess they know something about this stock and it’s worth following their lead.


Wrapping Up


Unlike KNDI, I actually found and piled into this trade when it came across the scanner.

The process is made just a little easier with the help of the custom software and the ability to monitor what the insiders are doing in these dark pools.

And since this is information that I can’t even get from a Bloomberg Terminal, I can see information that is powerful and nobody else has access to it.

Which is why I do the heavy lifting to get these alerts out to you as the action happens so you can join the insiders and pull down these monster returns too!

Ready to be a part of this wild action?

Click here to sign up for Dark Pool Profits today!


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