17 Oct

Guess Who Crushed NIO? This Guy!

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Wow, NIO.

Are you kidding me?

While the overall market has been moving down this week, NIO has a totally different idea.

It exploded!

And I was fortunate to grab a piece of it— numerous pieces actually.

I scaled out on 5 separate legs… each for triple digit gains, including this final piece here…



But while I’d love to sit here and brag about my success on this trade, I wasn’t the genius behind it.

It was the institutional players in the dark pools that tipped me off to it.


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But more importantly, I just spotted more dark pool activity on my scanner.

It alerted me to 3 stocks that the institutional players are liking this week.


PayPal Inc (PYPL):


  • PYPL operates a global digital payment platform. The company serves consumers and merchants worldwide
  • Since the beginning of global quarantine, e-commerce use has grown exponentially. All the companies catering to e-commerce have benefitted by new customer acquisition and higher usage volumes
  • The online payment sector is extremely strong with stocks like Visa, MasterCard, Square, and PayPal trading at or close to their all-time highs
  • I believe that PYPL is getting ready for another leg higher in the coming weeks. I am a bullish as long $194 area holds, which is a confluence of 20 and 50 day Moving Averages. My target would be $220 on the first leg up after the breakout above $212.45



Canada Goose Holdings (GOOS):


  • The company designs, manufactures and distributes outerwear apparel for customers globally
  • The stock has recently been upgraded to outperform by 5 analysts
  • I believe this chart deserves some attention here: GOOS is displaying strong uptrend while holding above key moving averages like 200 day, 50 day, and 20 day
  • I am looking for this one to continue the strong uptrend into the next week. I will be looking to buy this one on dips and add if the stock is able to close above $36. I am bullish as long as the stock doesn’t close below $32.5 and my target is $40 in the coming few weeks



Beyond Meat Inc (BYND):


  • Beyond Meat develops plant based protein food products. The company offers burgers, sausages, strips and other related products. The company serves customers in the United States
  • Recently, the company started expanding its presence at KFC China. Beyond Meat launched at more than 210 locations
  • The stock has more than tripled since the March 2020 lows. In my opinion, it is soon to make another move higher
  • I am closely watching the consolidation at $183 area. I will look to buy the stock on strength if it closes above $188 putting my stop right under $183



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