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Frequent Struggles of Trading and Their Easy Solutions

Over the years, I’ve addressed the most common struggles of trading among traders just like you on multiple occasions. While I do work my tail off to eliminate as much guesswork as possible for options oriented students I work with daily, similar struggles are brought to my attention by traders whom I don’t have the pleasure of working with.

Today, I’m here to address the two most frequent struggles which I see from those I do not currently work with, and ideally provide you with a clear solution.

Struggle: You work outside of the house. You can’t micromanage your trading and from time to time, have been in a trade which may have been profitable, but wind up losing because you don’t know when the proper time to exit is. Even worse, you may have to ‘chase’ a trade alert (which I highly discourage) in order to be a part of the trade itself.

Solution: This is the single most common struggle I see amongst traders. Truth be told, I was there once. When I was working as a personal trainer, I was also trading part time (don’t tell my former boss!), but while working one on one with a client or teaching a group exercise class, could I get my phone out to trade? Nope, that would be disrespectful to my clients time, and unprofessional on my part. Now, on any given trading day, between 50 to 90 percent of traders I work with are literally at work and are still able to succeed.

This is exactly why I’ve created easy to execute Trade Plans which are immediately brought to your attention at no additional charge with your Daily Profit Machine membership. 30 minutes prior to market open, you know the Trade of The Day (click here for the inside scoop), you know the profit target, and you know the stop loss. These can be found in my ‘Trade Rules’ which you receive instantly with your Daily Profit Machine membership.

Looking for proof that this is actually true? Good, I make it easy for you, just ask Natalia!

        “I work about 60 hours a week and make 95% of my trades from my phone” ~ Natalia.

As you can see, Natalia was able to make $4834 in one week using my Trades of The Day (which she knows to expect at 9am ET every single day), making 95% of her trades from her phone! Following the trade rules outlined to her, trading doesn’t get much easier than that.

When I see results of this nature (and I see them often, trust me) it makes me incredibly happy. Why? My hard work clearly pays off. My goal is to eliminate struggles for you and dive straight into the solution, so that you don’t have to guess, and you can stop struggling.

Struggle: You enter a trade. Upon doing so, of course you want to profit, but you have little understanding of your profit target itself or your stop loss. This isn’t a good problem to have, trust me, I used to have it! And the worst part is, I quickly discovered it’s a very, very easy fix…

Solution: With each trade comes a chart. With those charts, with a seasoned professional of technical analysis such as myself, comes easy to identify support and resistance levels. These are spotted for a reason… They’re profit targets and stop loss levels. It’s that simple. If you don’t have a trade plan, why would you be making a trade anyway? Something which you may or may not know is identifying those support and resistance levels is something which I do daily. Every morning I wake up at an incredibly early hour to identify these levels, use one of my three go to tactics applicable to my Trades of The Day, and do the hard work for you.

Now, paired with the Trade Rules you receive instantly as a member which I mentioned earlier, how much easier can trading possibly get? Especially considering that my Trade of The Day is gift wrapped to you 30 minutes prior to market open.

Want to see proof? Here’s my Trade of The Day (just the email, never mind the profits) from Friday, April 12th alone.

You’ll notice that I included support and resistance which I was speaking of, the exact go to tactic which I did indeed apply (click here to learn the tactics which I apply daily), support and resistance levels which I identify for you, the trade plan, and the exact trade itself.

Received 30 minutes prior to market open, these are the same extremely high probability Trades of The Day which you may have seen members making anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars on a daily basis with a couple clicks of their cell phone, even if they are working 60 hours hours a week, making 95% of their trades from their phone!

At the end of the day, I hope now you can understand that my easy to apply trading system is designed to:

    1. Eliminate your guess work to trade with precision
    2. Have the hard work done for you so you can live your life
    3. Profit on a daily basis using a very well established system


I’ve always wanted to help others (hence my background in personal training – I was helping people improve their physical condition on a daily basis), and now, I believe I’ve created a trading system which does exactly that for each and every individual who chooses to take advantage of them.

After providing you with clarity regarding the extremely high profit probability of the system which I built from the ground up, if you’d like to work with me at a very limited time 50% grandfathered annual rate, click here and let’s get started today!

Best wishes to you and great trading!

America’s #1 Premarket Trader,

Davis Martin

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