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“My strategy aims to help you pull one winner out of the market each week, regardless of market conditions!” – Jeff Bishop

The S&P 500 is up 7.2% so far in June… but my average trade had the potential to deliver an 84% average return!

And so far you could have banked on every single Trade of the Day this month. Check it out for yourself:

Daily Profit Machine

In other words, our AVERAGE potential daily return is more than 11 times greater than the S&P’s return for the entire month.

That’s the beauty of options, folks, which allow us to leverage relatively small moves in the underlying into big profits in a short amount of time.

But it’s also the result of having a reliable system that you can use to generate consistent profits — day in and day out.

Most traders don’t have this. They may trade hunches, or even well-researched positions. But making gains as consistent (and large) as the ones you see above takes something more.

And that’s where I come in. I’ve been helping traders — experienced and newbies alike — generate huge profits on a single trade a day in hours or even minutes. 

Check out what a few of them had to say this week:

Joe made $1,500 for the week. Michelle’s first trade returned 140%. And James locked in a return of more than 200% on Friday’s trade.

This brings me to another key to our success here at Daily Profit Machine. And that is the ability to trade on the bullish and bearish side of the market.

For instance, despite the strength for the week, the market closed slightly lower on Friday.

This didn’t catch me by surprise. It’s exactly what I predicted would happen when I sent the Trade of the Day 30 minutes prior to the market open.

I told traders that a pullback would actually be a welcome development after the incredible run-up we’d seen and alerted them to watch for the “Friday Fade.” Of course, I also told them exactly what option we’d use to capitalize on the anticipated move.

“Essentially, we’re looking to play a downside crossover on what some may consider a volatile day (quadruple witching) and make the most of a possible ‘Friday Fade’ into the weekend. Don’t be surprised to see a slight pop at or near the open (extended hours on please!) as a ‘head fake’ is not uncommon at all each and every day.”

And that is exactly what happened. SPY peaked for the day just after 11 a.m. Eastern, and I sent an exit alert one hour later.

If you’ve been missing out on these daily gains, you can put a stop to that right now. I’m offering a year of Daily Profit Machine for just $999.

Joe made more than that in just one week of trading with me!

But this price is going away soon. I urge you to act NOW to get the best possible price.

My next trade will be issued at 9 a.m. Eastern on Monday. Don’t miss it.  

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