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I’ve heard plenty of people say you can’t cry over foregone profits. But if you saw the profit potential you passed up in June, you just might shed a tear.

Every single Trade of the Day this month had the chance to make you money. And the average max potential return on these trades was 74%

Check it out for yourself:

I suppose you could say we’ve been on a bit of a hot streak here at Daily Profit Machine. And it wasn’t just June either. Every single trade in May was a winner as well, with average return potential of 77%.

In fact, we’re now at 48 profitable trades in a row, with the win streak starting on April 23. 

While the market was on a hot streak of its own in June, up nearly 7%, it was mostly regaining lost ground. Since our hot streak began in April, the S&P 500 had advanced just 1.2%.

If you compare that to the Trade of the Day potential and you haven’t been along for the ride, you might be getting teary-eyed. And if I tell you that many of these trades could have been closed after a matter of minutes, well, bring on the waterworks!

I send the Trade of the Day 30 minutes prior to the market open every trading day. In addition to my thoughts on the market, traders get a single option trade that I have selected from the thousands of options out there. It represents what I consider to be the very best bet for your money that day.

Here’s what I sent Daily Profit Machine members on Friday:

“Green futures this morning to the point where I’m all eyes on my SPY extended hours, and I suspect a possible pullback at or near the open. What I’m looking to roll with for today’s Trade of The Day is an inverse head and shoulders. What this means is an ideal dip at or near the open, basing, followed by a GREEN push to the upside. This setup is ideal when it comes to buying to open call options. At the end of the day, you’re looking to catch a possible pullback so that call options become a little less expensive. Should the green follow through come, that allows for higher percentage returns, which is what everyone wants. Five-minute charts are my favorite for this.


“One thing to note about this morning’s green is that SPY closed with a hammer candle on a daily chart Thursday (bullish) and is trading above $292. That’s a level I’ve been mentioning for a while now. Right now, $292 is support. In my eyes, that needs to hold in order to sustain a move higher.


“It’s Friday, so if it’s anything like previous green Friday’s, use a ‘take the money and run’ approach earlier rather than later in the session. Why? Sometimes markets give back gains and more on Friday afternoons. It’s that simple. And I don’t want you getting caught with a green trade going red any more than you do!”

The trade came together perfectly for an entry at the open, and I sent a follow-up email about 10 minutes later telling traders they could take the money and run. Another “Fast Friday” on the books!

Many people spend hours glued to their trading screens, researching positions and getting in and out of trades. While this is fine if you’re a day trader, it’s not practical for most people between their jobs, family life, social obligations, etc.

That’s what makes my system so special. It’s possible for traders to make stellar profits on a single trade that is open for a matter of minutes to hours. A quick entry and exit, bank your profits and move on with your day.

Roughly 70% of Daily Profit Machine traders work full time, and many of them make the trades right from their phone.

As you can see, @TheDayTrader was able to book a 15% return from his phone and is looking forward to repeating his success on Monday.

I’m looking forward to Monday as well — and the whole month of July for that matter. I plan to keep this hot streak going, and I think you should quit crying over forgone profits and come along for the ride!

I’m currently offering a year of Daily Profit Machine at an extraordinary discount.

If you act soon, you won’t miss out on the deal or on another profitable trade.

America’s #1 Premarket Trader.
Davis Martin

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