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March 8, 2019.

Davis Martin, America’s #1 Premarket Trader here with a message will I believe will benefit you as soon as this morning.

Yesterday we weighed the evidence… and came to a critical conclusion.

The major averages jumped over 20% from their Christmas Eve bottoms.

The Dow Jones had catapulted over 4,000 points.

The S&P, 450, and the Nasdaq 1,250.

But just yesterday the light began to flicker… and it faded.

The major averages posted losses for the fourth consecutive session – their worth span since December. This has many traders ‘confused’… Which is exactly why I’m here to help you

And as I’m typing in the premarket – having just gotten home from my usual morning gym session…

I’m seeing red futures in the U.S., but debatably more importantly, European and Asian markets as well.

European and Asian market price action can frequently have a ‘carry over impact’ into domestic markets which is why I track them starting at 3am ET, when I wake up to get a jump on my day.

Many have always wondered why I keep an eye on ‘overseas trading.’ I don’t blame them. Which is why after browsing through step one, you’ll see it free for yourself in step two.

Alerted thirty minutes prior to market open, an easy to execute trade plan on my premarket SPY Trade of The Day should have me in the green and done fairly early this morning.

I have a great idea of what my high demand Trade of The Day will be this morning. And after collecting any available profits applying my incredibly easy and unique strategy with members alongside, I fully expect to take my wife and son out to lunch.

I know that at this moment in markets, I won’t fall for the “buy and hold.” I’ll think about it this way – If I’m retired or nearing that point in life, I’d rather be handed high probability trades on a daily basis in which someone else does the hard work for me…

Especially considering that it’s Friday, and I must admit – weekend expenses paying for themselves before the weekend even starts is a great feeling.

America’s #1 Premarket Trader,

Davis Martin

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