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To many new traders, the world of the Chinese stock market which retail traders just like you and I can buy and sell into (meaning trade the options on) isn’t brought to their attention until they may miss an opportunity.

Over time I’ve discovered (with real money trades) that Chinese stocks can often be paired with strong catalysts and fast, quick price action. In many cases, some of the big China names out there have very liquid options to trade, allowing for easy to execute entries and exits.

My introduction to the Chinese stock market came with a tremendous call option return on FXI, which is the iShares China Large-Cap Exchange Traded Fund… Essentially, I view it as “the SPY of China.” Hey, to view that trade itself and the indicators I applied to make it, you’ll need to let me teach you how we can make the next big win together..

Now as of right now (April 3rd of 2019 at about 7am ET) I’m noticing strong resistance on a one year chart of FXI as well as declining volume on the chart itself… See for yourself below:

I realize 7am ET is early, but remember, they call me America’s #1 Premarket Trader for a reason – I put a lot of time and energy into helping others by starting my day at 3am ET… Of course I primarily do this to deliver my high probability and spot on Trades of The Day, but if something comes to my attention, I want to make people like you aware of it!

So by scanning for new, dynamic moves this early in the day, members will already have a head start on what may come in today’s price action as it relates to some highly traded Chinese Stocks.

To be honest… I would like to see a small pullback in the Chinese sector, then look to make some moves to the upside. That could happen as soon as today.

On My Radar:

  • BABA (the Amazon of China)
  • IQ (the Netflix of China)

Why those two? Well, who doesn’t want an alternative trading vehicle to the profit opportunities which Netflix and Amazon have offered to traders, both foreign and domestic?

Let’s cover BABA. In red, you’ll notice the 50 day simple moving average line on the chart below. That’a strong support level, or a point which I would be looking to buy to open call options on BABA itself to look for profits to the upside, market depending of course.

Should a dip buy setup take place, I’ll be applying the inverse head and shoulders to make an entry – one of three key tactics which I apply daily and look for BABA to trade at or north of $200/share. That would be a fantastic return on investment.

Moving on, IQ is an incredibly simple name to cover. I’ve noticed that while indeed it does move with markets in general, it mostly mirrors the price action of Netflix. So while you could think “why don’t you just trade Netflix,” IQ actually offers more volatility at a lower price, which means there could be more money to be made. That’s why I keep my eyes on it.

Now, you’ll notice a green line on the IQ chart below… The 20 day simple moving average line. Above that, this particular stock looks good to $30/share or so.

Between FXI, BABA and IQ, paired with proper market sentiment, I except tremendous profit opportunity in the days and weeks to come simply by “looking outside the box.” I’m not just looking outside the box, however. I’m looking into a whole separate continent almost entirely across the globe. And I started digging at 6am ET to be exact. That’s why I’m America’s #1 Premarket Trader!

I’ll be watching these names closely in the days and weeks to come in addition to my world famous SPY Trades of The Day!

Sounds like a pretty sweet combination to me…

Let’s make money together!

America’s #1 Premarket Trader,

Davis Martin

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